Is he the Dad with Everything?

funeral[1]How valuable is your Father? Is he the Dad with Everything?

Do we really value life, father’s and male partners?

Emily cannot stand the thought of another Father’s Day looming this Sunday. She is still on medication from last year at this time and no one understands her anguish. Emily cannot cope and her parents are no help, neither is her GP or the Government. She is desperate for understanding and help.

They had no other funds to live on just the house to live in.

The police arrived at Emily’s front door about 4pm on the last day of school. Emily ahd just arrived home from collecting the 3 children from school. Oh no she cried out loud while turning pale and about to faint! Ron had been killed in an accident. Ron is the father of 3 beautiful girls and Emily’s husband of 10 years. They were best mates too.

Camping at Hall’s Gap were booked months ago for a family holiday in the September School Holidays. They were all so excited and looking forward to the trip, sleeping in tents, bush walking and getting wet in the water falls and spotting the Koalas and Kangaroos.

Ron was an easy going site supervisor – typical sort of bloke that worked hard, earning good income and lots of mates. He had his own business but then decided to sell and work as an employee. Ron and Emily upgraded their home with the sale funds but still had a mortgage. While Ron and Emily were organising their new Wills and Estate Ron was encouraged to see a Financial Planner take out more Life insurance and discuss other insurance protection but he thought it will be alright mate. I’m cool, the jobs easy. We never have any probs at work.

It was an unusually windy day and the men were going about their routine jobs when a huge gust of wind sent all the iron cladding flying. Ron called a meeting and the job was called off for the day as being too dangerous. Ron and the boys went to the local pub for an early lunch and a few drinks to wash it down while the conversation was all about the weekend. . Ron left around 3pm. He decided to call into the local Service Station and pick up some chocolates and lollies for the kids as a treat. As Ron entered the Station he heard a scream. The guy behind the counter was pale and took one look at Ron to try and warn him not to enter. It was too late. Ron was shot in the chest twice. Pronounced Dead by the Ambulance when they arrived at the scene after the Squads of Police had intervened.

You know Ron had some life insurance in his Superannuation but it was inadequate. He left a wife, 3 children, a mortgage. There was just enough to pay the mortgage out. Because Emily is not employed the Bank insisted on the funds to pay out the mortgage. All Ron had to do was take some advice and make a responsible decision to see the Financial Planner recommended.

If your Husband, Partner is a Father how about taking the time to get some advice on protecting him and you as a family – alternative Father’s Day Gift.

Father's Funeral







Celebrate Father’s Day –



Ken is a Loser

Businessman Thinking on StepsPOOR KEN.
Ken feels terrible. He has lost control. Suddenly there is no weekly income. His (ex) wife thinks that he is a miserable sad person. Loser! Ken agrees.

He was worried about the loss of his integrity. He feared his mates know ing he was a complete and utter failure. And for the next nine years he is going to be controlled by AFSA. (it was known as ITSA – and is the government department that controls the financial side of being a bankrupt).

When Ken lost his job. 😥   There was no more regular income. No freedom of flashing credit card. The letter box filling with envelopes marked “overdue“, “urgent”, and unfriendly Red Tags.

Up until Ten months ago Ken had a loving wife a beautiful home He was a respected pillar of society. His team was on the way up. Ken was on a good income. Healthy lifestyle – Life was good!

Every year Ken fobbed off his accountant when he suggested Ken take the opportunity of a free interview with the Financial Planner. Ken did not have Income Protection.

But he did have a  super new vehicle. He loved to drive. One night, coming home from the football he had a car accident. Nasty injuries. Not enough sick pay…

Ken lost his house, car, wife and kids and dog. This all happened after the accident because Ken refused income protection because he said it was too expensive. Solution is you can avoid the pain that Ken experienced by making a simple phone call.

Have you built a successful business

Have you built a successful business?

Protect your businessAndy started out as a Fitter and Turner. Clever and adept with high grades. He was hard working, diligent with a happy go lucky personality. He bought the Aussie Ute for style and chic magnet value. Great guy with loads of good friends.

He was a bit impetuous, loved life and a fun guy to be around too. He and Judy met and married.

The opportunity came along and Andy jumped into a Technical Highly Skilled Surgical Instrument business with Bret his best mate. The business literally took off! It was specialised and the guys built the business on their reputations.

Judy was happy with her new dream home and Andy was ready to start a family with Judy.

Disaster struck in the ensuing months. One of the major business suppliers closed down due to mismanagement.

Anxious and worried Andy set about finding new suppliers as he had learnt and not to rely on one sole supplier.

The lights went on! Andy started to think. What would happen to his business if his best mate Bret and business partner became ill or even worse died? Worse still if something happened to Andy. How would Judy cope?

The present value of the business is $7M. After having a genuine business valuer thoroughly value the business.

The debt to the bank is $3M with personal guarantees from Andy and Bret . Andy and Judy have a huge mortgage of $850,000 and Bret has several Harley Motor Bikes on personal loans plus a Maserati and investments totalling $800,000.

Andy and Bret run the business together and trust each other’s judgement. Judy has an Accountant that she sends the weekly figures to as she has no other interest in the business.

The business has no other employees except the cleaner and yard man that comes in once a week

A fire sale would be just that. The business would be sold to a predator for not much worth. The bank would take the new home and confiscate all of Bret’s toys to cover the bank exposure and clear the debt.

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen…………

There is business protection for all self employed and businesses out there. It costs money. There are tax rebates on parts of the cover. Can you afford not to have a sound business protection plan?


Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is back

Daffodil Day is back. August 23rd 2013

Daffodil Day donate Aug 23This is my favourite poem as this brightens my day and consoles me as I remember my dearest Grandmother, her son at age 32 and so many of my friends taken by cancer.

Early Protection of your lifestyle is available for you and your family in the form of trauma (also known as) Critical illness insurance. Parents and children covered live in security of knowing that if a cancer is diagnosed then funds are made available for treatment and time off to recuperate.

Can you imagine being diagnosed with a cancer and having to undergo chemotherapy and keep on going to work because you were unable to afford to stay home? Worse still you child has a cancer and you have to leave with someone else to care as staying home to share, care, hug and understand is not an option for you. Expenses increase, not go down!

For people with two leading cancers ,prostate and breast, there has been a large increase in survival over the period 1982–1986 to 1998–2004 (the latest period examined for survival).

In 1998–2004, the 5-year relative survival for prostate cancer was over 85% and for breast cancer it was 88%.Source: Australia’s Health 2010 – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

We can wander lonely as a cloud or take part in gifting for Cancer Research.


keep an even keel

Keep your business on an even keel

keeping an even keel

Profit margins, business loans, demanding customers! Smooth sailing in a business is hard enough without adding the complications of injury, illness or even the death of a business partner or key person.

John had everything covered. That is what he thought. John and his mate had a successful printing business for 10 years. His mate was married in the same year and they were more than business partners. Their families grew up together. John and Helen took the boat up the river for skiing and Ben and Marie, their kids always went to the shack with them.

A few months ago Ben commented that we need to go over all the general insurances for the shop and the vehicles and the personal stuff and the house to see if we could consolidate all the insurances. It was a good idea because Marie was having trouble tracking it all. John agreed it was a good idea and made sense.

In the meantime Helen, who was always on the ball, said that we needed to up grade all of the personal insurance covers. John agreed. John had taken out his personal cover for his death, critical illness and total and permanent disability and income protection a few years ago. His Financial Adviser would contact him each year and John was too busy to make the  time for an appointment.

Helen insisted that John make the time and get everyone to meet with their financial adviser. John grumbled. Ben was not keen either. Helen and Marie got their heads together and organized the  appointment.

The Adviser explained that when they first took out the insurances for each individual that at the time was all very good. They all needed some extra cover as their debts and commitments were higher. Both families had upgraded their homes and lifestyles. The business was booming, now employing 3 full time expeienced staff and an apprentice. John being the sales man and Ben the techo behind the success.

What they did not understand was the implications of replacing themselves in the business……..who would do the sales job if John was unable too or what if Ben has an accident and we had no one to do his job. The apprentice was not ready to take on Ben’s role.

If Ben or John happened to have an accident or worse still die, who keeps the business going? Helen and Marie only share the administration a few hours a week. The kids are still at college, the mortgage, the living expenses and all the business overheads. What happens?

That’s why every business should include business insurance as a matter of course.

There are a number of key areas you should consider when implementing insurance into your business plan. And we can explain how to protect your business against events which may adversely affect its liquidity, profitability and ongoing viability.

A combination of  lump sum and income protection  can help your business survive all of these scenarios.

Man wonders about future

More people are Alone

Alone without financial advice

Have you worked all your life with your partner only to find that nearing retirement you are now divorced, alone and lost your independence?

Baby boomers, as they are referred to, are not all rich and taking the opportunity to spend the kids inheritance.

The ordinary Aussie work force that was fully employed in a 40 hour week did not have Superannuation. It was not until July 1st 1992 that legislation brought about Superannuation Guarantee for the employed.

Those born in those baby boomer years from 1946 and began work and worked and worked, hard. They paid board if they were still living at home with parents. Some call it the Good Old Days!

These baby boomers, oldest being 46 when the Superannuation Guarantee was legislated did not have a long time to gather much in their individual supers prior to retirement age if they retired at age 60. Most had their mortgage paid off but cash poor.

As life, opportunity and employment standards have improved we appreciate and value our independence even more.

Independence in retirement has to be planned. To me retirement is another lifestyle that has to be funded whatever lifestyle you choose. ‘Choice ’ is the operative word here.

Imagine residing in your home and having to have a family member and the partner, and  their children moving in with you? Or,  you having  to move into their home? Can you imagine the loss of  independence and lifestyle choices?

As an Adviser I hear and see some fantastic outcomes from carefully planned lives. Other stories not so much. For example, the man that had to sell part of his own property to his son and daughter-in-law so he could stay in his own home. The wife divorced him some years ago and the house was in need of some major repairs that he could not fund. He was not able to retire for another 3 years and had a part time job. Reality sets in sometimes when the opportunities have past.

Seeking help is a good thing. Baby boomers were never really encouraged to be financially savvy until later years. Many won their home, but,  bricks and mortar and the costs of keeping the home on a pension just does not cut the mustard. Old age brings added expenses like prescriptions, optical, dental and medical expenses.

Plan a good life,  with good debt and create a wealth strategy with protection around your plan. It is not hard with sound advice. Don’t be left alone …. and holding the bag!

eye injury blindsides Amy

Amy Blind-sided

Go Amy Go

Woman blindsidedAmy loved keeping fit. She was on top of her world. Last week Amy was playing her favourite sport basketball and was knocked unconscious.

She was taken to the local hospital for examination and kept in hospital for 3 days. Her doctor was unsure of her slow recovery so other extensive tests were performed.

The diagnosis was not good. Amy, all of 25, a vibrant sales agent of 3 years had a tumour behind her eye.

Amy “Subbed-Off”

The operation was successful but Amy had to forego her sport for 1 year. She was unable to drive for 6 months. Her boss was very supportive and replaced her with a temp for the time Amy was off work.

Plan “B”

What would happen if you were unable to work? Where would you be without an income?

The ability to earn money is your most valuable asset so if your income stopped next Thursday, the last pay from your employer and the car payment was due on the following Monday plus the mobile phone bill. What would you do?

Amy’s best friend had a chat with her when she first began work about Income Protection because when she began work she had a car to pay off. Amy’s employer supplied her car and she did not have any vehicle debt at the time.  She never looked at her superannuation hence did not know if there was any insurance protection in her superannuation.

About 18 months before the accident Amy decided to buy her first new car as she needed a car of her own for weekends.

Amy was off work for the full 6 months as her employment depended on her driving.  She had no other income and felt terrible about depending on her parents for paying her bills and living expenses. Amy did have Medical Cover with Hospital extras but she nearly died at the extra costs.

The medical gap was around $2,500 plus the medications and therapy.

Support Staff pays

Amy’s parents were still working and had the funds to assist Amy at the time. If only……..

When Amy began her employment she had the opportunity to take out Income Protection at a very low cost.  $10 per week would seem cheap but Amy decided against the idea.

The price of loss

Amy had to sell her car because her parents could not afford her car repayments as well as the mobile, extra medical expenses and living costs on top.

It took Amy another two and a half years to repay her parents. That was just the out of pocket bills not the extra food and living expenses. Amy’s boss agreed to her using the business vehicle for personal use to save her from the inconvenience of public transport.

If Amy had moved out of home and was living in a flat with the rent to pay and the energy/water bills and living expenses what would be the outcome?

Everybody that is employed and depending on income needs income protection. Protection of lifestyle and assets at the very least.

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy not required

Sugar Daddy replacementSaturday morning, Kitchen table

“The job’s good. The mortgage is under control. The kids…well, we think we are winning. So tell me again, why do we need insurance” said John studying the sports pages.

“….for the same reason the car, the house and dog are insured” sighed Jill

“You don’t need insurance, just get yourself a Sugar Daddy” he smirked as he lifted his head from the Newpaper.

Jill glared. “Good thinking…NOT!!!  Do you really want your  kids to be fathered by a Sugar Daddy? John, how about we just look into it?”

John resigned “Yep. Go ahead” as he returned to read about the Crows ( his Team) woes in defence.

Life! Protection

How is your partner going to educate your children if you are not around?

Today, more than ever, protection for you and your family is crucial. Why? Because in today’s society both partners work – usually to pay off a hefty mortgage and the two cars plus education and living expenses.

John and Jill had two children financially dependant. Neither had taken the time to make sure that they had enough life insurance. Life insurance covers what you owe as well as provide for your dependents. Remember: the mortgage or other debts are not written off when you die; they must be repaid from your estate.

Jill was very worried as the new home mortgage was out of her comfort zone and John and Jill both agreed that the children would be going to private school for their secondary education.

Finding financial advice

John was always time conscious but he agreed to take some timeout and met with the financial planner really just to keep Jill happy.

Jill and John were both mortified when they found out how little they both new about the responsibility of debt. Having a new home was wonderful. All the comforts…. where the children were happy and they were near good friends.

They realized that  if something happened – to either of them – their family would be in a critical situation.

On the advice of their adviser they protected each other and the children by providing adequate cover to allow for their lifestyle.

Jill made John take our Life insurance if he were to die or was diagnosed with terminal illness and John then insisted on the same for Jill.

John makes the news

John and his partner Jill  were together for 10 years when tragedy struck.

The news was swift and agonising. John was killed in a car accident. Not his fault. Wrong time. Wrong place. Jill was devastated.

Jill Adjusts

Jill was paid a lump sum of money the same week of the funeral for John.

Jill paid off the mortgage and the other debts. She invested funds for the children’s education. There were enough funds for Jill to take three months off work to allow for her to work through her deep grief and be there for the children and help them adjust to life without their father.

Thanks to John….No Sugar Daddy required. Life protection is a responsibility. Take the time to organise your protection.