Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is back

Daffodil Day is back. August 23rd 2013

Daffodil Day donate Aug 23This is my favourite poem as this brightens my day and consoles me as I remember my dearest Grandmother, her son at age 32 and so many of my friends taken by cancer.

Early Protection of your lifestyle is available for you and your family in the form of trauma (also known as) Critical illness insurance. Parents and children covered live in security of knowing that if a cancer is diagnosed then funds are made available for treatment and time off to recuperate.

Can you imagine being diagnosed with a cancer and having to undergo chemotherapy and keep on going to work because you were unable to afford to stay home? Worse still you child has a cancer and you have to leave with someone else to care as staying home to share, care, hug and understand is not an option for you. Expenses increase, not go down!

For people with two leading cancers ,prostate and breast, there has been a large increase in survival over the period 1982–1986 to 1998–2004 (the latest period examined for survival).

In 1998–2004, the 5-year relative survival for prostate cancer was over 85% and for breast cancer it was 88%.Source: Australia’s Health 2010 – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

We can wander lonely as a cloud or take part in gifting for Cancer Research. http://daffodilday.com.au/