Is he the Dad with Everything?

funeral[1]How valuable is your Father? Is he the Dad with Everything?

Do we really value life, father’s and male partners?

Emily cannot stand the thought of another Father’s Day looming this Sunday. She is still on medication from last year at this time and no one understands her anguish. Emily cannot cope and her parents are no help, neither is her GP or the Government. She is desperate for understanding and help.

They had no other funds to live on just the house to live in.

The police arrived at Emily’s front door about 4pm on the last day of school. Emily ahd just arrived home from collecting the 3 children from school. Oh no she cried out loud while turning pale and about to faint! Ron had been killed in an accident. Ron is the father of 3 beautiful girls and Emily’s husband of 10 years. They were best mates too.

Camping at Hall’s Gap were booked months ago for a family holiday in the September School Holidays. They were all so excited and looking forward to the trip, sleeping in tents, bush walking and getting wet in the water falls and spotting the Koalas and Kangaroos.

Ron was an easy going site supervisor – typical sort of bloke that worked hard, earning good income and lots of mates. He had his own business but then decided to sell and work as an employee. Ron and Emily upgraded their home with the sale funds but still had a mortgage. While Ron and Emily were organising their new Wills and Estate Ron was encouraged to see a Financial Planner take out more Life insurance and discuss other insurance protection but he thought it will be alright mate. I’m cool, the jobs easy. We never have any probs at work.

It was an unusually windy day and the men were going about their routine jobs when a huge gust of wind sent all the iron cladding flying. Ron called a meeting and the job was called off for the day as being too dangerous. Ron and the boys went to the local pub for an early lunch and a few drinks to wash it down while the conversation was all about the weekend. . Ron left around 3pm. He decided to call into the local Service Station and pick up some chocolates and lollies for the kids as a treat. As Ron entered the Station he heard a scream. The guy behind the counter was pale and took one look at Ron to try and warn him not to enter. It was too late. Ron was shot in the chest twice. Pronounced Dead by the Ambulance when they arrived at the scene after the Squads of Police had intervened.

You know Ron had some life insurance in his Superannuation but it was inadequate. He left a wife, 3 children, a mortgage. There was just enough to pay the mortgage out. Because Emily is not employed the Bank insisted on the funds to pay out the mortgage. All Ron had to do was take some advice and make a responsible decision to see the Financial Planner recommended.

If your Husband, Partner is a Father how about taking the time to get some advice on protecting him and you as a family – alternative Father’s Day Gift.

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