Ken is a Loser

Businessman Thinking on StepsPOOR KEN.
Ken feels terrible. He has lost control. Suddenly there is no weekly income. His (ex) wife thinks that he is a miserable sad person. Loser! Ken agrees.

He was worried about the loss of his integrity. He feared his mates know ing he was a complete and utter failure. And for the next nine years he is going to be controlled by AFSA. (it was known as ITSA – and is the government department that controls the financial side of being a bankrupt).

When Ken lost his job. 😥   There was no more regular income. No freedom of flashing credit card. The letter box filling with envelopes marked “overdue“, “urgent”, and unfriendly Red Tags.

Up until Ten months ago Ken had a loving wife a beautiful home He was a respected pillar of society. His team was on the way up. Ken was on a good income. Healthy lifestyle – Life was good!

Every year Ken fobbed off his accountant when he suggested Ken take the opportunity of a free interview with the Financial Planner. Ken did not have Income Protection.

But he did have a  super new vehicle. He loved to drive. One night, coming home from the football he had a car accident. Nasty injuries. Not enough sick pay…

Ken lost his house, car, wife and kids and dog. This all happened after the accident because Ken refused income protection because he said it was too expensive. Solution is you can avoid the pain that Ken experienced by making a simple phone call.