Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy not required

Sugar Daddy replacementSaturday morning, Kitchen table

“The job’s good. The mortgage is under control. The kids…well, we think we are winning. So tell me again, why do we need insurance” said John studying the sports pages.

“….for the same reason the car, the house and dog are insured” sighed Jill

“You don’t need insurance, just get yourself a Sugar Daddy” he smirked as he lifted his head from the Newpaper.

Jill glared. “Good thinking…NOT!!!  Do you really want your  kids to be fathered by a Sugar Daddy? John, how about we just look into it?”

John resigned “Yep. Go ahead” as he returned to read about the Crows ( his Team) woes in defence.

Life! Protection

How is your partner going to educate your children if you are not around?

Today, more than ever, protection for you and your family is crucial. Why? Because in today’s society both partners work – usually to pay off a hefty mortgage and the two cars plus education and living expenses.

John and Jill had two children financially dependant. Neither had taken the time to make sure that they had enough life insurance. Life insurance covers what you owe as well as provide for your dependents. Remember: the mortgage or other debts are not written off when you die; they must be repaid from your estate.

Jill was very worried as the new home mortgage was out of her comfort zone and John and Jill both agreed that the children would be going to private school for their secondary education.

Finding financial advice

John was always time conscious but he agreed to take some timeout and met with the financial planner really just to keep Jill happy.

Jill and John were both mortified when they found out how little they both new about the responsibility of debt. Having a new home was wonderful. All the comforts…. where the children were happy and they were near good friends.

They realized that  if something happened – to either of them – their family would be in a critical situation.

On the advice of their adviser they protected each other and the children by providing adequate cover to allow for their lifestyle.

Jill made John take our Life insurance if he were to die or was diagnosed with terminal illness and John then insisted on the same for Jill.

John makes the news

John and his partner Jill  were together for 10 years when tragedy struck.

The news was swift and agonising. John was killed in a car accident. Not his fault. Wrong time. Wrong place. Jill was devastated.

Jill Adjusts

Jill was paid a lump sum of money the same week of the funeral for John.

Jill paid off the mortgage and the other debts. She invested funds for the children’s education. There were enough funds for Jill to take three months off work to allow for her to work through her deep grief and be there for the children and help them adjust to life without their father.

Thanks to John….No Sugar Daddy required. Life protection is a responsibility. Take the time to organise your protection.