City to Bay 2013

CityBay-1Congratulations! To All the participants, runners, joggers, walkers that completed the 12k’s or the 6k’s.

A special Congratulations to those wonderful caring people that pushed and ran or walked with prams and wheelchairs to help the young and those with Disabilities soak up the atmosphere. What an Atmosphere it was too!

At 7am the sky was grey and rain still dropping. Not the best conditions to be walking under. I braved the shower and pulled on my joggers and clobber. Made a big healthy smoothie and checked the weather forecast.

As we drove toward Kurralta Park the sky glimpsed blue. The thought rushed my mind that I was very happy that this year I chose the 6k walk from the starting point at Kurrlata Park K Mart Car Park as opposed to the 12k walk last year.


Men, woman, kids, dogs, and spectators were gathered in arrays of groups, all waiting. There seemed to be more children involved this year. Great to see the kids out there in the fresh air, moving limbs, skipping and having fun.

With the delayed start came the occasional blustering gusts of wind. The start arch nearly collapsed on one side but quick recovery with the aid of ropes saved the arch.

Since 1973 the fun run has gathered momentum year in year out for 40 years. A Great Adelaide Tradition. If you have always thought about getting involved then Do It in 2014.   Make it a goal with a definite plan at

See my follow-on Blog about Australian People with Disabilities. Apparently there are almost 20% of Australians reliant of carers for disabilities.

Thank you to the Sunday Mail and all involved to make this 2013 another memorable event.


Wooo! Wooo! Where’s the gear lever?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Made It!