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Human Beings – How do we manage every day lives?

manageyourlife-1Does it make any difference where we live?

Whether you live  in Australia or the USA some people do fine. Others not so well. And then there are those that stress.

Uncooperative children (you think came from another Planet)! Teenagers! In-Laws/Out-Laws, the family pet that escaped and all the fun things we take in our stride, have not been included in my definition of stress.

I thought the following captured some reality:

” When an event or situation – otherwise called a stressor – lasts for months or even years, chronic stress is the result. Caring for a loved one with cancer, being under financial pressure, or not having significant social contact with others can all lead to chronic psychological stress.”

But determining how much chronic stress impacts on your health is challenging, as every one of us responds differently to potentially stressful situations.

“Stress is when the demands of your environment exceed the coping resources that you believe that you have,” says Dr Mary-Frances O’Connor, psychologist and stress researcher at the University of Arizona. “So in all cases, there’s perception – perception of what the environment demands and perception of your own ability to cope with it.”

“Part of why stress research is difficult is that when you’re talking about human beings, there’s a subjective component,” says O’Connor. Even in bereavement, an area O’Connor has researched extensively, individuals have varied responses to the death of a loved one.

With no stressor able to be objectively classified as always stressful to all people, researchers must rely on personal accounts of feelings and experiences, and try to match them up with physical changes that occur.

Despite the challenges, clear patterns are emerging in how chronic stress affects our biology, and our health.

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