Meerkcat compared

Meerkats compared. Simples?

Meerkcat compared

The meerkats advert (you know the one) that sings deep – very deep – into your brain is a beauty. I just love the cute meerkat and his loveable accent.

Compare the meerkat….it’s simples.

As the advert itself notes – they do provide a limited comparison of products that are available in the market place.

However, the truth of the matter is (as always) much less simple, and in fact much more complex. Just like  Life itself.

The reality is that insurance products are complex products. They are very specific contracts that offer certain specific benefits when specific events take place.

A headline isn’t good enough, the detail is where the action happens.

Should you compare online?

Absolutely! Online comparisons are a great starting point. They can provide some good information about some of the range and price of products.

Having visited an online shop, finish the comparison job and see a qualified, professional financial meerkat!

Financial Planner vs Meerkat

Because Financial Planners have a duty of care to their clients. They will consider just how well the product fits, and how suitable and appropriate it is for you and your family.

Like their animal world counterparts, good financial planners stand sentry to warn their clients  of approaching dangers.

When it comes to real life needs you may want to sing the meerkat song and then visit a real financial meerkat. It really is that simples!