Bread and Butter

I like Bread and Butter , and I like Toast and Jam, song by Newbeats back in 1964. Well the song ends with another liking chicken and dumplings with some other guy ….

Bread and Butter , (or margarine, olive oil or what ever is your liking ), is a staple of life.

Life! Are you existing in a chosen lifestyle? Good food, entertainment and all the trimmings or living on bread and butter or vegemite , or baked beans on toast, toast and jam?

Malcolm Fraser said, “life is not mean’t to be easy.”

The little green frog, Muppet Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green, the colour of spring”.

Life is what you make it and making it has parameters and support for every generation. There will always be those more/less fortunate than others.

How many times have we heard the stories of those that have had such bad luck that they cannot afford to live? Then there are those with so much that they will never want in this life.

Unavoidable events are part of life and I am sure you would agree that most of us have had the unexpected event, health issues, experience or accident.

The media , TV especially, have personal insurance advertised relentlessly. Life Insurance to cover the family if you die or diagnosed terminally ill. Trauma insurance if you are diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke. Total and Permanent Disability Insurance. Income Protection Insurance.

All of the above insurances are to help you after one of those life events with money, bread and butter (the mortgage, utilities, food in the fridge and pantry), toast and jam (the car loans, mobile phones, internet, foxtel, clothing).

Are you heading for a Train Wreck? A Huge percentage of Australians have less than 3 months surplus funds to cover debt and live if there is no income coming into the coffers.

I have not mentioned the credit card debt. The Line of Credit, the mortgage facility and how some use the attached credit card to ‘live’ every month and at the end of the month pay the total debt by sweeping the card to avoid any interest charges. Imagine having the credit card maxed out and most of the toast and jam bills falling due next week and Hubby comes home with the news that he lost his job.

I can hear the Scream……and the first question. What are we going to do now? With one child on the way and no other income coming into the house, what are we going to do? This is a train wreck of capacity to pay normal living expenses.

As a Financial Adviser with colleagues in Family Law, we agree that money stress is often the major cause of relationships eroding. Like rocks fragmenting over time, lack of money will pelt like a sledge hammer into rock.

There are all sorts of reasons for lack of money besides not being able earn an income, self employed with no work or bad debts, or being very bad at budgeting. For those employed, self employed, one income families and dual income families there is no excuse not to have at least Income Protection unless there is a valid reason of health issues.

Have a chat with me or a financial adviser as soon as possible. Superannaution could be a help too.

I like bread and butter and toast and jam too but not everyday!Toast Jam