It’s Only M O N E Y


Have you Saved Enough $$$$$$$?

Some of the choices in Life are Debt and Lifestyle. I don’t know anyone who has a few hundred thousand dollars put away in cold hard cash to cover domestic debt. Do You?

Having enough income and money gives us all choices in life.

A car lease and maybe a personal loan then a credit card or two plus a mortgage is the usual single adult or family scenario.

Say there is all up a debt to be paid monthly of about $3,000 or $36,000 yearly. But the actual debt it self in the mortgage and personal and credit cards is $350,000 if had to be paid out tomorrow.

Realistically does anyone normal working person have that sort of money sitting in a safe or safe place like a bank account? NO of course not!

So what am I banging on about?

Protection of YOU and your assets, starting with Income Protection.

Scenario: Male, 30 years of age, Hotel/Bar Manager –Non Smoker, good health no medical family history and no risk sports or activities.

Salary Before Tax $75,000

To protect you and your family the cost is $75.00 per month or $900 per year for Life insurance with Critical Illness like cancer, heart attack and the nasties we all hear about happening to others.

Income Protection is the ‘biggy’ and costs. Think about not having any income this week. None, zero. Can’t bare the thought! Think about it and reflect for a minute or two. Who is going to help? Income Protection is just that and it is readily available and yet so many Aussies do not take advantage of the protection. The obvious advantage of having money going into your account and not having to worry is fantastic. Affordability is a matter of priority and probably a bit of sacrifice at first but well worth the security.

Income Protection for $5,120 per month income with superannuation component deposited into your account will cost $69.00 per month.

Cost of $144.00 a month or $1,728 a year you could have peace of mind and enjoy life without that nagging feeling in the back of your mind, What happens if?  

For $33 per week are your worth it?

And if you are self employed then the urgency is critical.

Food, Utilities and everyday living have been excluded so please keep all this in mind after reading this and taking a logical look at your finances.

All of the above is in a specific scenario that has premier advantages and on stepped premiums out side of superannuation and requires your details in full for a complete analysis and quote for accuracy.

Can you afford not to contact me for a complete work up of your current position and how I can give you some comfort with protecting you and your assets?