Crusie Tragedy

Cruise Tragedy                             March 6th 2014

 Why would anyone cancel a Life Insurance Policy to make ends meet? Would You? Please, run your eyes over this news clip and let me know you opinion on my email

US hardware store manager John Perricone was with his family on a Carnival Cruise when he fell ill and was taken to the ship’s infirmary by his wife Brittany.

“John started convulsing real bad and he looks at Brittany with a kind of ‘I’m sorry’ look and went limp and he was dead,” his father-in-law told NBC Chicago.

No other passengers aboard the ship fell ill and Mr Perricone’s death remains a mystery, though foul play has been ruled out.

Mr Perricone had a life insurance policy but cancelled it at the end of last year, leaving his family struggling to pay the bills.

“In order to make ends meet they had to cancel his life insurance policy at the end of 2013,” a website raising money for his family read.

“It was a very tough choice but at the age of 29 you think you can go for a year without it.”

Mr Perricone was the sole provider for his family.