Where to Begin for Women’s Strong Financial Independence

Woman to Woman………….

Society works against us in women’s financial independence. Being encouraged to spend, spend and spend.

Is that your main desire and focus? After taking some retail therapy, do you feel empty, not satisfied? There must be more to life!

The average super balance for men still adding to their accounts is $71,645 while women hold an average of just $40,475. The average retirement payout (determined by the average savings for those aged 60-64) was $198,000 for men and        $112,600 for women. In Australia the average salary for a woman is almost 18% less than for a man. (source: Australian Super Women and Super).

What is your fall back position if you have no savings? What is your superannuation worth? Don’t be left depending on others for help.

There are solutions. Think for a moment…………

How is financial independence achieved? How do I protect my salary?

How do I invest to gain independence for my future? How do I protect myself from debt?

Did you know there is protection cover for women’s cancers & other illness?

                                      You can Design your own Desired Future

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