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Have you built a successful business

Have you built a successful business? Andy started out as a Fitter and Turner. Clever and adept with high grades. He was hard working, diligent with a happy go lucky personality. He bought the Aussie Ute for style and chic magnet value. Great guy with loads of good friends. He was a bit impetuous, loved […]

Daffodil Day is back

Daffodil Day is back. August 23rd 2013 This is my favourite poem as this brightens my day and consoles me as I remember my dearest Grandmother, her son at age 32 and so many of my friends taken by cancer. Early Protection of your lifestyle is available for you and your family in the form […]

Keep your business on an even keel

Profit margins, business loans, demanding customers! Smooth sailing in a business is hard enough without adding the complications of injury, illness or even the death of a business partner or key person. John had everything covered. That is what he thought. John and his mate had a successful printing business for 10 years. His mate […]

More people are Alone

Have you worked all your life with your partner only to find that nearing retirement you are now divorced, alone and lost your independence? Baby boomers, as they are referred to, are not all rich and taking the opportunity to spend the kids inheritance. The ordinary Aussie work force that was fully employed in a […]

Amy Blind-sided

Go Amy Go Amy loved keeping fit. She was on top of her world. Last week Amy was playing her favourite sport basketball and was knocked unconscious. She was taken to the local hospital for examination and kept in hospital for 3 days. Her doctor was unsure of her slow recovery so other extensive tests […]

Sugar Daddy not required

Saturday morning, Kitchen table “The job’s good. The mortgage is under control. The kids…well, we think we are winning. So tell me again, why do we need insurance” said John studying the sports pages. “….for the same reason the car, the house and dog are insured” sighed Jill “You don’t need insurance, just get yourself […]

Parents’ worst nightmare

After School On a normal “kiss and drop off” at the school, I thought that Lisa was very quiet. She normally is the chatter box of  the family and the entertainer  – especially on sports day. Go home time Lisa looked very tired and pale. She did not complain but fell asleep on the back […]