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It doesn’t cost a cent!

bear cuddlesI could not resist making this part of this week’s post. Children need Cuddles.

It is a work in progress for those who have the time to take part. I see it as a beautiful gift that is a two way street receiving as much as the giving:


Cuddle Carers are just what the doctor ordered for parents at Queenslands Royal Children’s Hospital, who can take some time out to make a phone call, check their emails or just catch up on some sleep, knowing their little one is in safe hands! Become a Cuddle Carer – If you live in Queensland.

I would love to know if any of other Children’s or Women’s And Children’s Hospitals have the same or similar Volunteer Progam? Please let me know via this post or to my email at AFD Financial Solutions

Our Children Are Our Future
Protection is available with Trauma Protection. If you have not heard of having Trauma or Critical Illness Cover for you and your family please call me soon.

Many a parent has their child hospitalised. As if that is not worry enough? Impacting this is the fact that one parent losses income because either one of them has to take time off work or leave their business, maybe even loose business.

Your child needs you. Protection is the key with Child Trauma/ Critical Illness Cover. If your child became ill tomorrrow how would you handle it? If intensive care was necessary, could you afford to be there with your child? Taking the time off work? Could you afford no income for weeks maybe months? Could you afford the Specialist medical bills?

Wouldn’t you prefer to be the one cuddling your child? It is unfortunate but children do get ill and it is very hard to cope. Don’t let money get in the way.



Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is back

Daffodil Day is back. August 23rd 2013

Daffodil Day donate Aug 23This is my favourite poem as this brightens my day and consoles me as I remember my dearest Grandmother, her son at age 32 and so many of my friends taken by cancer.

Early Protection of your lifestyle is available for you and your family in the form of trauma (also known as) Critical illness insurance. Parents and children covered live in security of knowing that if a cancer is diagnosed then funds are made available for treatment and time off to recuperate.

Can you imagine being diagnosed with a cancer and having to undergo chemotherapy and keep on going to work because you were unable to afford to stay home? Worse still you child has a cancer and you have to leave with someone else to care as staying home to share, care, hug and understand is not an option for you. Expenses increase, not go down!

For people with two leading cancers ,prostate and breast, there has been a large increase in survival over the period 1982–1986 to 1998–2004 (the latest period examined for survival).

In 1998–2004, the 5-year relative survival for prostate cancer was over 85% and for breast cancer it was 88%.Source: Australia’s Health 2010 – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

We can wander lonely as a cloud or take part in gifting for Cancer Research.


child trauma insurance

Parents’ worst nightmare

Child sits in hospital anxiouslyAfter School

On a normal “kiss and drop off” at the school, I thought that Lisa was very quiet. She normally is the chatter box of  the family and the entertainer  – especially on sports day.

Go home time

Lisa looked very tired and pale. She did not complain but fell asleep on the back seat just minutes from home.

Bill and I thought she was getting the flu as we all had a touch of the symptoms lately.

We all bounced back but Lisa after several weeks was not her bouncy self and losing interest in her school work and activities. By week six I contacted the medical centre for an appointment and took the allocated time the next day.

Our family doctor has known Lisa since she was 2 and Lisa celebrated her 11th birthday in January. Dr Bolt asked Lisa a few questions and handed her a closed fist. He asked to her to tap on his hand and it would open. As Lisa tapped his hand a green frog was in his palm and Lisa just smiled. Dr Bolt was surprised as last time Lisa snatched the snake with a joyful trill and laughed and laughed then ate the candy.

Blood tests and other tests were organised and we waited.

The results no parent wants to hear

Bill and I were devastated at the results. Leukaemia! Oh no was out first reaction.

Lisa was in and out of hospital having chemotherapy for 12 months. We all tried to keep her positive. She was brave and so responsive to all the treatments and made our lives so much more richer.

It took two years of stress, worry and strain on the family emotionally but thankfully we had taken child trauma cover for all of our children when we engaged a financial adviser many years ago and she suggested the children have cover at such a minimal cost to the budget. Less than a cup of coffee a week.

The claim gave us quality time with Lisa. I changed from full time to part time work then gave up work to care for Lisa. We had a family holiday to Sea World for Lisa always wanted to go there and we had funds for motel overnight stays when Lisa had extra treatments.

Recovery Happy Days

Finally the doctors gave Lisa an optimistic prognosis.

The family were affected emotionally and physically and we all value our health even more than before. Having Lisa survive and looking a beautiful young, vibrant teenager is a wonderful thing for any family.  Lisa is active again with her fun and cheeky smile and she took the biggest bag of chocolate frogs she could find to Dr Bolt on her follow up visit. They both laughed and hugged.