Take a Chance and Talk

People TalkingTalk to me!

Life passes by every second, minute, hour day, and all the things that rattle around on our heads keep popping up because they have not been dealt with yet. Women are good at this ‘list’stuff especially at night. How do I know? All my friends admit to this and my clients and we know that this is par for the course.

When it comes to organising the family, work, sport, play, functions and then the groceries, cooking, house cleaning and everything else it is no wonder the thought process only happens at night. It is the only time the mind has time to reflect on the day. The days turn into weeks and then another month has passed.

Do you get the picture?

Do you get the picture?


If in your thoughts and concerns is the mortgage.  That usually comes first to mind.  Then the other debts, the car lease, credit card, store card, the next due utilities bill. Then someone in the family needs braces or has a dental appointment that you know will cost big time. Plus a special birthday! Ah! Not getting quality sleep?

The car registration and insurance is due and coincides with the house and contents insurance. What next? The household income has increased each year and a new increase is due next month.

The bills are always paid on time and there is money for a holiday each year, if we could organise one that would be great. The money is not the issue. It is time and security.

This is typical of family life stories.

Have you noticed anything missing? ??? What is going to happen to this family of 2 adults and 2 children if there is a loss of one income or a serious health problem causes loss of income?

Why I say, “talk to me” is that it is a responsibility to protect and look after what is precious to you.

Worst case scenario is relying on Government benefits and maybe you do not qualify! Do you really want to be waiting for Centrelink to help out?

Let’s return to the ‘list’ stuff and this time you have talked to me and valued my advice taking protection for you and the family. It is quit a different scenario……sleep at night…….and move on with your  Life. Children deserve your responsibility

No more arguements over worries of insecurity. Money being the main factor…………………….Wouldn’t it make life soooo much easier?

Happy Life! Happy Family!

Make a Plan                       Safe Guard It                      Live It

bear cuddles

It doesn’t cost a cent!

bear cuddlesI could not resist making this part of this week’s post. Children need Cuddles.

It is a work in progress for those who have the time to take part. I see it as a beautiful gift that is a two way street receiving as much as the giving:


Cuddle Carers are just what the doctor ordered for parents at Queenslands Royal Children’s Hospital, who can take some time out to make a phone call, check their emails or just catch up on some sleep, knowing their little one is in safe hands! Become a Cuddle Carer – If you live in Queensland.

I would love to know if any of other Children’s or Women’s And Children’s Hospitals have the same or similar Volunteer Progam? Please let me know via this post or to my email at AFD Financial Solutions

Our Children Are Our Future
Protection is available with Trauma Protection. If you have not heard of having Trauma or Critical Illness Cover for you and your family please call me soon.

Many a parent has their child hospitalised. As if that is not worry enough? Impacting this is the fact that one parent losses income because either one of them has to take time off work or leave their business, maybe even loose business.

Your child needs you. Protection is the key with Child Trauma/ Critical Illness Cover. If your child became ill tomorrrow how would you handle it? If intensive care was necessary, could you afford to be there with your child? Taking the time off work? Could you afford no income for weeks maybe months? Could you afford the Specialist medical bills?

Wouldn’t you prefer to be the one cuddling your child? It is unfortunate but children do get ill and it is very hard to cope. Don’t let money get in the way.